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Our Impact

The Apostles’ House fills a critical need for comprehensive social services to homeless and at-risk families and individuals in Newark and Essex County, New Jersey.  Providing housing and other services to homeless and at-risk individuals is expensive, and the cost has increased due to the lack of attention to affordable housing needs over the past 20 years.

Below are some highlights of the important services that The Apostles’ House has provided to the communities we serve and information highlighting the need for comprehensive services for the individuals that we serve on a daily basis.  In particular, there is a high level of need for the comprehensive services provided by The Apostles’ House in order to help homeless and at-risk families transition to more stable housing environments and become self-sufficient.  We appreciate the support we receive from our funders, volunteers, and community partners and ask that you consider helping us in our work to combat this urgent problem.

Meeting the Challenge:
Addressing An Urgent Problem

Providing Stability for Children

In a 2015 report on homeless individuals served in Essex County, 57% of the individuals served in families were children.  Among the children served, more than half were between the ages of 0 and 5.

Providing Transitional Support Services

In 2015, 76% of families and individuals identified as homeless in Essex County were housed in emergency shelters.  Only 24% were housed in transitional housing programs like The Apostles’ House, where they can receive additional support and resources to find permanent housing and develop important skills for self-sufficiency.

Helping Young At-Risk Adults

Every year over 27,000 youth age out of the foster care system without the emotional and financial support necessary to succeed. Through programs like Saving Grace, our female housing support program, these young adults are provided with the opportunity to develop vocational skills, life skills, and receive support to help them become self-sufficient and empowered members of society.

Preventing Chronic Homelessness

The challenges facing the homeless population go beyond the mere lack of shelter.  Many life experiences that Americans take for granted such as education, nutrition, physical health, job readiness, and emotional health are all a struggle for the homeless.  The end result can be a downward spiral, fed by a decline in self-esteem, self-confidence, and an inability to escape the syndrome of chronic homelessness.  The Apostles’ House strives to intervene before these negative effects of homelessness set in and to rehabilitate and build confidence in those most affected by homelessness.

Providing Support for the Unemployed & Working Poor

Due to the recession that began in 2008, New Jersey’s unemployed and working poor have continued to struggle due to stagnant wages and rising costs for consumer goods and housing.  As the difference between family income and housing costs continues to increase, growing numbers of New Jersey residents find it more and more difficult to cover their housing costs.  Many end up in overcrowded or substandard living arrangements, and some find themselves homeless.