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The Apostles' House | Newark NJ


Emergency Shelter TAH Update
It Shouldn’t Have to Happen to You for it to Matter to You: Brianna’s Story

It’s critical to keep in mind that, even in a world where empathy seems to be dwindling, we should care about the struggles of others, regardless of how directly they affect us. Homele

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Community Support Emergency Shelter TAH Update
The Apostles’ House Prioritizes Trauma-Informed Care and Self-Care

  In the journey of healing, empathy and understanding are crucial, especially for women and children who have faced trauma. The Apostles’ House provides a safe haven and promotes deeper

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Community Support Emergency Shelter Fundraising TAH News
TAH is celebrating Mother’s Month: Empowering Mothers and Families

As the calendar turns to May, the air is filled with the sweet scent of blooming flowers and the warmth of appreciation for the incredible mothers who grace our lives. At the Apostles’

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Community Support Emergency Shelter Fundraising TAH Update
Redefining Sheltering: The Power of Thoughtful Design at The Apostles’ House

In the fight against homelessness, providing temporary shelter is just the beginning. At the Apostles’ House we believe in reimagining the traditional shelter model to create spaces that n

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Emergency Shelter TAH News
TAH on Re-imagining Homeless Shelters in Newark

In Newark, homelessness is a pressing issue. The Apostles’ House is on a mission to revolutionize the way homeless shelters are perceived by breaking away from stereotypes and stigmas

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