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Create Lasting Change @ the Apostles’ House with Your Spare Change

Did you know that you can donate your spare change from your purchases to The Apostles’ House? When you sign up to donate to us through RoundUp App you can help improve our community in your daily life without changing a thing.  The RoundUp App that allows you to “round up” the change from your debit or credit card purchases and donate it to us monthly.

So, for example, if you were to spend $5.50 at a store, it would be rounded up to $6.00 and the $0.50 difference would be donated to the Apostles’ House. There is also an option to set a monthly giving cap, so even if you already contribute financially in other ways, you can still join RoundUp and set a limit that you are comfortable with.

It only takes a few minutes to get your account set up and start creating lasting change with your spare change. Believe it or not, your spare change can change the game for us. Your donations help us provide emergency shelter, meals, and essential needs for the homeless.

Sign up to donate your spare change now and become an Apostles’ House game-changer!

Keesha Gibson

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