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The Apostles' House | Newark NJ

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Safe and stable housing meets a basic human need that helps all, especially vulnerable families, live and thrive. Homeless children and their mothers suffer developmental delays, depression and mental health problems at a higher rate than those with stable housing. ¹ COVID-19 and its aftermath threatens a new crisis.

In New Jersey, 85% of extremely low-income renter households spend more than 30% of their income on rent and related costs. More alarmingly, nearly 75% spend over half of their income on housing costs. Often only one paycheck away from homelessness, with the loss of jobs during the pandemic, many of Newark’s renters are drowning in debt that threatens their housing security. The populations that will be most severely impacted are predominantly women of color and their families.

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To prevent this precarious march to the homeless cliff, TAH is looking to fund our Homeless Prevention Program with a campaign goal of $20,000 providing families support to offset delinquent housing costs. Direct payment is made to landlords, utilities or mortgage lenders. TAH has an established integrated network to deliver on preventing a wave of new homelessness to our former clients and others now at risk. 100% of funds collected through this campaign will be used directly for this program.
Families benefitting from TAH Services
In the midst of the global pandemic I was referred to TAH! To just say the services provided here are beneficial would be an understatement. I've gained so much more confident in doing life as a single mother through the programs provided here.
Rapid Re-housing Recipient

What Our Families
Say About Us

I would like to say that The Apostles' House has helped me in ways I didn’t expect. I greatly appreciate all the hard work, time and energy that the staff, volunteers, and others put into helping us in our time of need. They are very resourceful and persistent to help you achieve your goals. Even though it’s a shelter they made it feel like a home setting. In closing, I would like to say thank you to all the staff, volunteers, donors, and others for the much-needed assistance, time, and support.

-Tara T,
My journey to a better life began at the Apostles’ House. It was June 14, 2006 when I was released from state prison to the Intensive Supervision Program (ISP). I remember ISP telling me I was going to The Apostles' House, a shelter for women and children in Newark, New Jersey where I was to reside until further notice. I had never been to Newark before and did not know what to expect. Once I arrived at The Apostles’ House I became acquainted with all the wonderful staff. They were a big inspiration to me then and still are today.
-Gina M,

In 2018, I was a resident of The Apostles’ House Women and Children Emergency Shelter for seven months. During my stay in the shelter, I found a support system within Miss Victoria and Miss Iris. They provided the guidance, support, and resources I needed to regain control of my life, even during the times I rebelled against it. Through it all, they showed great love and concern, and to their credit, I was able to enroll my son in childcare so that I could focus on finding and securing employment. Today I am employed and living on my own with my son. I still experience many challenges, however, I continue to take the steps necessary to maintain a life for me and my son

-Letterah G,