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The Apostles’ House is Embracing Change & Cultivating Growth

The Apostles’ House is Embracing Change & Cultivating Growth: A New Chapter for Serving the Unhoused in Newark

In the dynamic landscape of our work, embracing change is not merely a necessity but a testament to the resilience and dedication of those committed to making a positive impact. As we embark on a transformative journey, and celebrate our 40 years of service, we are excited to share our commitment to growth, innovation, and, most importantly, to the women and families we serve. Change is not just a buzzword for us at the Apostles’ House; it’s a guiding principle. Our vision is to provide compassionate care for homeless women, fostering healing and empowerment. We plan new programs focusing on trauma-informed care and crisis intervention, addressing immediate needs and long-term healing. We aim to create a space where every woman feels heard, breaking the cycle of homelessness.

We are Welcoming New Faces

As we step into this new chapter, we are thrilled to welcome new additions to our dedicated team. The recruitment of talented individuals who share our passion and commitment signifies growth and an expansion of our collective impact. Each new staff member brings a unique set of skills and experiences that enrich our organizational tapestry:  

Sakinah Kidd, Emergency Shelter Director | Grant Street

Angela Bowman, Emergency Shelter Director | Avon Avenue

Keesha Gibson
Director of Development

Looking Ahead…

As we navigate these exciting changes, we remain grounded in our mission to empower homeless women towards self-sufficiency. The road ahead is paved with challenges, but it is also illuminated by the resilience and strength of the women we serve. The Apostle’s House dedication to serving unhoused families remains unwavering, and with new programs and passionate staff, we look forward to making an even greater difference in the lives of those we are privileged to serve. Together, let’s create a future where every woman has the opportunity to rebuild her life with dignity and hope. Nadege Duvernay Executive Director
Nadege Duvernay

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